Successful Marbella Property Renovations by Continental Design

Successful Marbella Property Renovations by Continental Design

Nestled in the heart of Marbella, our interior design company specialises in elevating ordinary spaces into extraordinary, beautiful dreams. With a combination of different design styles, a range of materials, colours, and textures, and our clients’ preferences, our creations are one-of-a-kind and unique to all, just as well as to our clients. In this blog, we’ll walk you through four of our completed Marbella property renovation projects, unveiling the captivating before and after images of these residencies. Each property renovation project unfolds the distinct personality and style of each space, retelling its story for those keen to observe and appreciate its artistry. 

Project Ventura del Mar

Our first venture takes us into a home with warm-coloured hues longing for a contemporary and sleek transformation. The ‘before’ images depict a home lacking continuity, polish, and a defined aesthetic, while the ‘after’ shots display the blend of minimalism with the rich, warm-toned colour palette of browns, creams, and whites. Luxurious furnishings, illuminating light fixtures, and strategically placed LEDs brighten the space with radiance. Stealing the spotlight, the glossy brown countertops and kitchen complete the design, infusing modernity into the home.

Project Park Beach

Simple and unconnected design turned sophisticated and modern; our second project accomplished this through luxury finishes and a carefully curated and cohesive colour palette of black, brown, creams, and white. A touch of modern elegance is introduced through the introduction of black doors, cupboards, headboards, and bathroom themes. Addressing the lack of iconic accessories in the ‘before’ images, the ‘after’ snapshots unveil thoughtful additions, such as the stone bathroom sink or the chic bedroom side cupboards. The beautiful glossy marble countertop not only elevates functionality but also seamlessly blends with its chosen style. In addition to the floor-to-ceiling doors and large windows bringing in an abundance of natural light, the unique lighting features and LED ceiling edge light casting a soft, welcoming glow, illuminating the home come evening time.

Project La Trinidad

Embarking on our third project, La Trinidad follows a cohesive, modern, and innovative property renovation, with comfortability being key, as seen by the seating and bedroom. The before snapshots capture a simplistic space powered by a predominantly black colour palette. The redesigned space establishes a flowing connection between rooms, guided by the white, cream, and light brown colour palette, allowing the natural light to reflect off the colours, with brown furnishings adding some colour and warmth. Unique furniture selections and distinctive lighting features have become captivating focal points. Through thoughtful property renovation and interior design, we’ve created a new sense of modernity, relaxation, and calmness throughout the home.

Project Malaga Historic Center

Our final property renovation project aimed to revive timeless charm with hints of bold colour and character in a classic residence. The ‘before’ images illustrate a traditional space filled with dark wooden furniture, cupboards, and patterned seating, while the ‘after’ showcases eclectic style with unique statement pieces and colours, breaking up the grey, white, and brown colour palette. Rich textures, diverse materials, and captivating patterns flow through the residence, rekindling the space once again.

Across these four projects, we’ve showcased the dedication, extensive expertise, and impeccable skill used to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of Marbella’s residencies. From minimalist and sophisticated furbishing to colourful and timeless designs, our portfolio shows the diversity of our property renovation possibilities. If you are envisioning the transformation of your space, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Elevate your surroundings with the refined touch of our Marbella-based interior design and property renovation expertise!